Cliche Travel Photos

Slate has published a slide show of cliché tourist photos, available here. I must admit, I was expecting the Leaning Tower of Pisa picture, and wasn’t surprised by the Taj Mahal or Rocky Balboa.

But would you want to kiss a gravestone that hundreds of other people wearing red lipstick had kissed? Only if there’s Purel available.

And what about a family photo at the Abbey Road zebra crossing?  Those children/teenagers do NOT look happy.  I wonder how many times they’ve crossed that road?  Note to self: if ever driving in London, do not try to drive down that road!

Now, for a few things I think might be missing from the list:

1. Tourist pretending to fall into Grand Canyon (beware, can lead to actually falling)

2. Tourist on camel in front of any of the following locations: Pyramids at Giza, Sphinx at Giza, general arid desert region.

3. Tourist pinching the top of the Eiffel Tower (perhaps a bit too similar to pinching the Taj Mahal to be included in Slate’s list).

4. Tourist on all-fours at the Four Corners (where Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona meet), with one limb in each state.

5. Picture taken at the Tower of London or Windsor Castle with the impassive Queen’s Guard.  This picture could either be of a stoic tourist standing at attention or a tourist trying to get a response from the Guard.

What are your favorite cliché tourist photos?

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