Every Travel Blog Needs a Travel Mascot

Homer the Travel Mascot


Meet Homer!   

I would love to have some fantastic story about how we found Homer on a dusty shelf, in a long-forgotten corner of an antique shop on our travels in Marrakesh. Unfortunately, we haven’t made it to Marrakesh and we got Homer at a store on the Oregon coast, where he was surrounded by several almost-identical pigs. I’m pretty sure he was mass-produced in China. But isn’t he cute?   

Homer will travel with us and appear in many of the pictures we post here. He, along with our love of tasty pork, are the inspiration for the title of our blog, and it’s theme: travel from a pork perspective.   

So, welcome to the team, Homer! May we have many adventures in our future!   


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One Response to Every Travel Blog Needs a Travel Mascot

  1. I love your new mascot!Ive long been a fan of piggies(wonderful animals)so I think youve made a great choice.May you and Homer enjoy your travel expierences!!

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