A Beginning

Experiencing new people, new places, new foods and new languages is what keeps life interesting. To travel to different places and experience foreign cultures is (mostly) a pleasure. To immerse ourselves in those other cultures is a challenge.

Today, we are beginning to blog about our travel experiences. I say “we” because this blog is authored by two people–Penelope and Ulysses. It may take us some time to find our voices, but we aim to be insightful, sometimes funny and sometimes serious. Over the coming months and, hopefully, years, we will bring you our ongoing travel experiences, reflections on past travel experiences, interesting travel gadgets and products, and reviews of travel guides and travel writing. This is a place for us to share our thoughts about the big, wide world that lies beyond our doorstep. We can only hope that someone out there reads and enjoys our travels as much as we have in the past, and hope to in the future.

Penelope and Ulysses

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